Video Providers

Ciel: The Future of Satellite

  • Developing new satellite spectrum/orbital positions (Ku BSS, Ka BSS, Ka FSS) across the Canadian orbital arc that are ideal for the delivery of video content
  • Next generation satellite network designs optimized for media-rich video & high-speed IP services

Why Satellite?

  • Satellite is the most reliable and most cost-effective way to distribute video content to a large population and geographic area
  • Satellite remains the infrastructure of choice for wide reach, high quality TV distribution

Why Ciel?

  • Ciel has the operational experience and resources to deliver cost–effective and technically robust video satellite delivery solutions including:

    • Direct-To-Home
    • Cable/telco head-end
    • IPTV

Affordable Quality

  • Meets and surpasses the highest standards in the industry for satellite project management.