Ciel: The Future of Satellite

  • Developing new satellite spectrum/orbital positions across the Canadian orbital arc providing opportunities for Government Departments to deliver services in a cost-effective manner

  • Alignment of Ciel’s orbital positions with Canadian Forces X-band and Military Ka-band satellite spectrum creating economies of scale and efficiencies for our customers

Why Satellite?

  • Rapid deployment of satellite services
  • Secure communications network
  • Predictable costs

Why Ciel?

  • With access to a fleet of satellites offering comprehensive global coverage and bandwidth portability, our Government and Military customers receive highly reliable fixed, transportable and on-the-move solutions. Ciel and its shareholder SES have extensive experience with designing, procuring and operating highly complex satellites for commercial, government and military applications

  • Efficient deployment of Government services (tele-medicine, distance education, etc.) via satellite to rural remote areas